Minimalist Stainless Steel Table Lamp Pair for Desk Lamp by Darsaaz

• Simple Modern Lamp
• Suggested for Home & Office Lamp
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Color: Brown
Material: Metal (Stainless Steel)
No of Lamp Pcs 2 Pcs
No of Shade Pcs 2 Pcs
Lamp Material Metal Stainless Steel
Lamp Shades Fabric Jute
Dimensions with Shade Height 14 Inches x Width 7 Inches
Product Category Table Lamp
Product Uses Desk Lamp, Office Lamp, Modern Lamp
Bubble Wrap with Corrugated Box

Why Shop Table Lamp at Darsaaz?

Our table lamp collection adds a touch of elegance to any room of your house. Find a perfect side table lamp for your bedroom decor from our timeless classics. Illuminate your workspace, bedside table, or living room with lamps of your choice.

Bedroom Lamps

Create a cozy sanctuary with our bedroom lamps to enhance relaxation and comfort. Choose from various styles, including side table lamps and elegant standing floor lamps. Light solution that transforms your bedroom into a peaceful sanctuary. The purpose of lamp light is to provide soft light. Use this feature to enhance your home interior.


Side Table Lamp Materials
Wood Table Lamp

Our lamps are handcrafted with precision and a commitment to quality. Darsaaz wooden lamps seamlessly blend esthetics with functionality. It adds a natural charm to any room. Most of the wood used in lamps is synthetic and is free from termites. Elevate the ambiance of your bedroom with our curated selection of side lamps.

Metal Table Lamp

Explore a diverse range of styles in our metal lamp collection. Each piece is curated to make a statement in any room. Whether you prefer sleek minimalism, industrial charm, or classic sophistication, our metal lamps add a touch of luxury to your living spaces.

Fiber lamps

Revitalize your living spaces with the contemporary allure of our fiber lamps. Illuminate your home with sophistication and flair. Redefine your space with lighting as stylish as it is functional. Explore our selection today and transform your bedroom into a haven of beauty and tranquility.


Key Features:

Style meets functionality:  Explore a diverse range of contemporary designs. And find a perfect match for every room.

Adjustable brightness:  Tailor the lighting to suit different moods and activities. With lamps, you can manage light in corners with ease.

Energy efficiency:  Our lamps incorporate energy-efficient technology, providing an eco-friendly lighting solution.

Quality craft:  Each lamp is crafted with attention to detail, ensuring durability & craftsmanship.

Whether revamping your home decor or simply looking for a functional lighting solution. Darsaaz table lamps and bedroom lamps are the ideal choices.

Type: Table Lamp
Color: Brown
Material: Metal (Stainless Steel)